Monday Dec 3rd 2012 – Wet Weather and Grooming

Well, it has happened and although I prefer it to the bitter coldness of snow, the wet season can be especially frustrating when trying to keep length on your dog’s coat. When tangles and knots become wet they will form tight matts far more quickly than in the summer.  Many pet owners make the mistake of skipping a trip to the grooming salon think that a groom means shorter. However, when you are trying to maintain a longer style for the cooler months it is essential to get into the salon more regularly to avoid matting. Remember, a groom doesn’t necessarily mean a cut and it doesn’t have to mean short – unless the coat is not kept matt-free and a shave is unavoidable. A bath and tidy is recommended for those who want to keep a longer style in the winter – no length is taken off the majority of the coat but all tangles are brushed out along with trimming of the face, feet and sanitary areas. The wet months can pose problems for pets with long hair but with a little help from your groomer we can keep your pet’s coat long!

dec 2 2012 024


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