Sat Dec 8th 2012 – Keeping pets safe during the holidays

We all the know that the holidays are a crazy busy time of year. Between preparing food, cleaning, presents and visitors it’s easy to get caught up in all the fuss and forget that the holidays affect our fur babies too! Here are some simple tips to keep your pets

safe this holiday season!1. Fireworks are very scary for pets, if you’re attending a fireworks display please leave pets at home.
2. Although pretty, most holiday plants are not safe for pets and should be kept well out of reach. Holly, mistletoe, lilies and poinsettias are all toxic to pets as well as some Christmas trees. Tree oils can irritate the mouth and stomach causing drooling and vomiting. The needles aren’t easy to digest either!
3. Christmas trees can pose other hazards for pets as well – make sure to hang enticing decor at the top!
4. Tinsel can be dangerous for pets if it is ingested as it can lead to an obstructed digestive tract.
5. Make sure your pets have a safe place of their own they can retreat to and feel safe if they become frightened.
6. When buying melting salt for that slippery walkway check for pet safe types as pets can become ill after walking on unsafe salt and licking their paws. Rinse paws if possible when unsure what type of ice melt product is used.
7. Relax! If you become too stressed it will begin to affect your pets and make them feel uneasy. Take some time to yourself and go for a nice walk or just read – you will both feel better for it.



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