Mon Jan 14th 2013

We have some exciting new things at Wizard of Paws and we can’t wait to share them with you. We have a big announcement coming next month for all of our wonderful clients and we are now proudly offering free grooming services for guide and service dogs in addition to our other support of BC Guide Dogs.

I know I’ve said it before, but this wet weather is awful for longer coats! I have seen so many matts lately even though you are careful and attentive to your dog’s coats, there is just no stopping this rain! The best thing you can do is brush your dog’s hair out and comb it thoroughly before it gets wet and also after it dries. If you have one you can blow dry your dogs coat to prevent tangling while its wet. Just make sure you don’t hold the dryer to close to the body as this can also cause the hair to tangle up. If you’re not sure how bad your dogs matts are feel free to come by the salon for our professional opinion. We can give you advice on grooming at home and determine if the matting is too severe to comb out.

penny the dog muddy


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