Jan 2 2013 – Heath and Grooming

Though I often talk about styles of grooming and getting the look you want, the fact of the matter is grooming is a health requirement for your pet. Besides keeping Bella fluffier and smelling great, grooming keeps your pet comfortable, reduces shedding and the risk of skin ailments as well as helping spot potential health issues. Your groomer carefully inspects your pet’s skin and coat and can be a great aid in spotting potential health issues such as ear infections and lumps. This is one of the reasons having a professionally trained groomer can be a big plus – there is a lot to know besides haircuts! Since we offer complimentary grooming for shelters and rescues we sometimes see pets that are so badly in need of grooming it is obviously affecting their health. Matting is painful – imagine a ponytail that is too tight and gets worse and worse every day. Often underneath matts the skin is irritated and in some cases infected and bleeding. In the most severe cases, matts can cut off circulation leading to loss of a limb or worse. Overgrown nails can cause a myriad of health problems including joint and mobility issues sometimes resulting in expensive surgery. Regularly groomed pets can get any look you like but the bottom line is grooming helps your pet be healthy and happy.




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