Thurs Apr 4th 2013 – Preparing Your Pet For Grooming

Preparing Your Dog For Grooming

Naturally, many pet owners are anxious about leaving their fur-babies at the groomer and while we do everything possible to provide the most positive experience for them, there are things you can do to assure your pet is as relaxed as possible.
1. Make sure your pet does his/her ‘business’ before coming to the groomer. A walk beforehand is very beneficial if you have time.
2. When you drop your dog off, be as calm as possible. Do not excite your pet with affection or goodbyes. If you leave your pet excited, he/she will stay that way all day and be very anxious. Same thing when you pick the dog up, they will naturally be excited to see you but do not overexcite them with affection.
3. Walk your dog in on a leash! This is very important because it instills confidence. If you carry your dog in, you are teaching them to be afraid of who/what is on the floor  which will lead to insecurity and a very fearful dog.
4. Be clear about what you want for your groom but be realistic too. If your dog is very matted it will not be possible to have a longer cut and bad matts are difficult to remove and can be painful and stressful.
5. Don’t worry! We know it’s hard to leave your dog but we assure you your pet is in good hands. We are professionals and it is important not to be nervous as this will transfer to your dog.

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