Thurs May 9th 2013 – Summer Weather

Finally, some sunny weather! Many pet owners are going for short, summer cuts at this time of year and it is recommended that hairy double-coated dogs (I know you’re shedding!) get groomed so we can brush and blow out all of that extra undercoat!

Please be mindful of the heat as we all know the dangers of an overheated dog. Not leaving them in the car is a given (I hope), but it is also important not to walk your dog on pavement on a hot day. Dogs have sweat glands between their paw pads to aid with cooling and doing so is liable to cause overheating. We have also seen a lot of ticks so far this year – Mt. Doug seems to be a big culprit – so be sure to check your pets often. Fleas with be in abundance soon as well so make sure you have your pets on monthly preventative treatments such as Advantage. Already having a great time in the sun with my dogs as I’m sure you will too. Keep these tips in mind for a happy, healthy dog!Image


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