Your Dog’s Ears: To Pluck Or Not To Pluck Aug 23 2013

Many people have opposing opinions on ear plucking; whether you ask fellow pet owners, vets, groomers or breeders. As a groomer myself, I am often asked about ear plucking and cleaning and here is my professional opinion. I have heard many people who are for ear plucking and just as many who are against. However, in my opinion the answer is not so black and white. Those who are against ear plucking argue that it causes ear infections and can be painful and cause bleeding. Those in favor say that not plucking causes hair to block the ear canal which leads to infection.
Personally, I believe the answer is situational and that both opinions are correct. When done unnecessarily or improperly ear plucking can cause ear infections. However, not plucking can cause ear infections as well and we can tell the difference and pluck your dog’s ears properly and only when needed. It is important to leave a bit of hair in the ear as it is there for a reason. Some breeds will never need ear plucking, while others such as poodles, doodles and schnauzers will need plucking often. Your dog’s ears should appear pink, not overly hairy and have no foul smell. If you’re not sure feel free to bring your dog by and we will check for you and let you know. We will check when your dog comes in for grooming at no extra charge, a la carte ear plucking is $8 and does not require an appointment.




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