Tuesday Dec 10th 2013 – Reflecting

     Lately I have been thinking a lot about what I have learned from my years of owning a business so far. One of the hardest and earliest lessons I learned was that you can’t make everyone happy. Even if you are courteous and accommodating and do your best, some people will never be satisfied. I had to accept this as fact, but I also had to identify which were inevitable and which I was at fault for and more importantly, what I could do differently. I will not deny I have made mistakes, but I also think sometimes people forget we are all human. Humans make mistakes, have off days and sometimes make the wrong decisions. I was young when I started this business, I didn’t claim to know everything and I certainly don’t know. I have however learned from many instances and often wish I could call up former clients and say “I should’ve done this..”. Alas, all I can do is strap my boots and do it better next time.


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