June 6th 2014 – Never A Dull Moment

One of the things I love most about grooming – but gives me the most grief – is how every day is different. Even if you were to do the same haircuts on the same type of dogs it is never boring. Dirty? Yes. Challenging? Yes. Boring? No. Having the dogs on the floor has many benefits but it can be a lot more work than kenneling everyone. Perhaps that is why most grooming salon kennel the dogs… It is a lot more work, but I feel it’s so much more natural.

Mishaps are constantly popping up from pee to a spraying bath hose, but they really keep things interesting. We work with live animals and you never know what goofy – or grizzly – things they will do. There are so many variables to worry about but I work best when I am busy and thrive in the environment. When new dogs come in you never know how they will behave for grooming and even when all the dogs are happy, there’s still the phone, the washer, the dryers, the walk ins and a bunch of dogs roaming around. But, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


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