August 11 2014 – How Important Is Grooming To Your Pet’s Health?

      Your groomer is an essential component to your pet’s health. A matted pet is NOT a happy, healthy pet. Mats pull on the skin and trap moisture underneath them causing pain, hotspots and possibly more serious infections. Your groomer inspects every inch of your dog and will notify you of any oddities or irritations.

       We are also often the first line of defense against speargrass and have spared many pet parents expensive vet bills by locating these grassy barbs underneath the hair, between the toes and anywhere. We have even been credited for saving a few pet’s lives by noticing signs that would likely remain unseen if they had not been groomed.

      I really can’t stress enough how important it is for your pet’s health and happiness to maintain a regular grooming schedule. Before you get any type of pet you must seriously think about whether or not you are willing to commit the time and money that a regular grooming schedule requires.

     Every breed needs some form of grooming. All dogs need to be thoroughly checked over, bathed, have their nails done about once a month, ears cleaned and some type of brushing. Brushing not only reduces and removes tangles, shedding hair and foreign objects, but helps to distribute the body’s natural oils. You and your groomer can discuss a grooming schedule that works for your lifestyle and your pet.

Doggie Grooming


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