What Is Japanese Style Grooming?

22891d1326604414-japanese-style-grooming-j1Japanese and other Asian grooming styles have recently become popular in North America. I have been offering Japanese or Asian Fusion grooming styles in my salon for about three years now. If you are a groomer or just curious here are the basic differences between regular grooming and Japanese style:

1. Forget about breed specific styles! The goal of Asian styling is cuteness and a toy-like appearance.

2. The main focus is on the eyes, most cuts are very short around eyes and eyelashes are kept when possible.

3. Hair is kept on the bridge of the nose to accentuate eyes and roundness of the face and muzzle instead of clipping to the end of the nose.

4. Ears are either dramatically long or kept short, bobbed and as round as possible.

5. Longer cuts are popular, as are flared legs clipped below the shoulder for added drama.

6. Coloring is popular, from more natural to extreme.




One thought on “What Is Japanese Style Grooming?

  1. I’m falling in love with Asian style grooming. Not only does create a really fresh-look on any breed but the dog’s coat is much easier to maintain between grooming sessions. A great alternative to using color products if you and you’re dog are looking for a more creative style.

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