June 1st 2015 – You Should Know, You’re The Boss.

One thing that surprised me when I had been in business for a while is the notion that as the business owner you should have every answer for every situation. I have already expressed my feelings about “the customer is always right” but there is a hidden business cliché often applied to business owners as well. Although most people are rational and understanding, I have encountered the “you should know if you’re the owner” attitude many times. Granted, I do feel a lot of responsibility as the owner to be able to respond to situations appropriately. However, the idea that because you own a business you should automatically know what to in any scenario is preposterous.

I actively learn everyday how to better respond to unforeseen situations in all aspects of my business and am constantly working on professional self-development. You can try to prepare yourself as much as possible and experience does help but that does not mean you will know what to do 100% of the time. How could you? You are a human. You can and should learn from books and blogs and experience but when something happens for the first time ever you may not know what to do right away and it’s okay. Always be upfront and honest, but not argumentative, we all have to learn from our mistakes. Sometimes all you have to do is apologize but you don’t need to sacrifice your self-respect just because you are the boss.