Sept 5/2015 – Pushing Through

For me, one of the most difficult aspects of grooming is the emotional toll. I love my job and can’t help being hurt when customers are unhappy. I hope I never do, because that will mean I don’t care enough. My furry clients passing away is undoubtedly the worst part of my job. Each time it is like a piece of my dog and therefore heart, dies too.

A close second is unhappy customers. The absolute worst is being accused of intentionally hurting or being cruel to an animal. Most issues are due to misunderstanding but I have also been accused of being unkind to dogs. This hurts me more than I can ever say. I know that not every customer is going to be satisfied with my services and not every dog with thrive in every salon environment, but I will not allow cruelty to animals. This is difficult to admit but I have actually had to make the painful decision to report my own customers in several cases of extreme neglect. I am not proud of it and it hurts every time but I know that sometimes I am that little one’s only voice.